Cassidy and Tristi

Meet Your Hosts

Tristi Rutter (CNP: Completely Normal Person)

Hey! Tristi here. I am a 37-year-old mother of 4 babies that range in age from 18 to 5. I have been a mother the majority of my life and now that my kids are growing up I’m on a mission to find ME. I LOVE music (mostly country and rap), laughing until I cry, and Crossfit.  That’s the short list I know for sure but there will be much more to come. I am married to my polar opposite, Matt.  We have been together for 20 years. In every aspect of my life he completes me.  We have a house, a dog, and we are living the american dream.  Wait? What is the American dream? And who sold that to me? 😉 One thing I know for sure is I am on one amazing journey and I want all of you to join me for the ride. So stick around to hear all about it!

Cassidy DuHadway (LCSW: Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

I have been a therapist and coach since 2009. I’m also the mom of two babies and have been married for what feels like forever! I have three dogs and six chickens who I call “the girls.” I have an awesome garden and love to go on crazy adventures whenever I get the chance. I love unicorns and sparkles, but am totally not a pink person.

There are days when I hate being a Mom. There are days when being a therapist is hard. But honestly? Even on the hard days, I love it! I have struggled with the mean girls and the ugly thoughts. I have said yes too many times to count and put myself in situations that I didn’t really want to be in…over and over again. But guess what? I don’t do that anymore! I have learned how to truly love myself and live my best life. I’m definitely still on a journey with many lessons to come. But today? Today, you get the best me. And that is enough.

While on my own journey I’ve also learned how to help others on theirs. I love to research and talk with friends, family and anyone who will listen about feelings, changing and being enough. I am here to share what I have learned over the last two decades from my therapy world and to tell everyone I know – YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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