Episode 13: How to Change Negative Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs

In this episode of the Sweatpants Chronicles we’re talking about core beliefs! We’ll talk about what they are, where they come from, and most importantly, how to change the negative ones. 

A core belief is a belief that you hold so deeply that you sometimes don’t even know you have it. It is underneath everything you do and directs your whole life. Even a seemingly small core belief, can affect your life in a big way! Negative or incorrect core beliefs can hold you back from ever making meaningful changes in your life. But luckily, it is absolutely possible to change even long held core beliefs!

One quick note on certain types of core beliefs – sometimes our core beliefs develop because of a traumatic event. For instance, if you’ve been in a car accident you may develop the core belief that you are not safe driving in a car. Cassidy has found that it almost always takes professional help to change that type of core belief. Trauma is much bigger than ourselves and is very difficult to process without help. If you have been through a traumatic event please consider reaching out to a professional. You can learn more about therapy and why we think it’s so important in Episode 8 of the podcast – Only Crazy People Go To Therapy.

Weekly Obsessions

Cassidy: This week I’m obsessing over how to help some family members that are going through some tough things. I’m trying to strike the balance between supportive older sister, not living in the same place, and therapist. They really don’t need Cassidy, the therapist – they need Cassidy, the sister. And that’s a hard balance to find!

Tristi: This week I’m obsessed with the Netflix series Stranger Things! I told my husband to wait to watch the new season with me and he totally didn’t. So my son and I decided to watch it together, but then he went to a Halloween dance and I proceeded to watch the whole thing with out him. I just couldn’t wait! Haha! And I loved every minute of it.

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