Episode 17: Intuitive Eating, Body Positivity, and Food Values with Emily Fonnesbeck, RD

In this episode of the Sweatpants Chronicles we are thrilled to have Emily Fonnesbeck, RD, CD, CLT, as our guest!  Emily is a registered dietitian who considers her philosophy to be a little bit different. She’s not so concerned about WHAT people eat, but WHY they’re eating and their relationship with food. She’s much more interested in the behaviors around food. She works primarily with disordered eating and eating disorders.

We’ve both followed Emily on social media for a few years now and could not have been more excited to get to interview her! Her nutrition philosophy lines right up with so many of the things we’ve talked about on the show over the past few months. We feel like this quote from Emily is such a good introduction to her thoughts on food and nutrition, “We have to value mental health just as much as we value physical health. If something you’re doing for your physical health is affecting your mental health, then it’s out of balance. We have to find something that’s supportive of both.” We could not agree more!! 

You can read more from Emily on her blog by clicking here.
You can also find her on Instagram (@emilyfonnesbeck_rd) and Facebook (EmilyFonnesbeckRD).
You can find out more about her nutrition services by clicking here or by emailing her at emily@emilyfonnesbeck.com.
Click here to read Emily’s blog post entitled, The Association Between Social Media, Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating .
Click here to check out the book that Emily recommends during the episode, Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works on Amazon.

Weekly Obsessions

Cassidy: This week I get to take my kids on the Polar Express here in Heber and I am SO EXCITED! It is one of my favorite things every Christmas season. I get to wear Christmas pajamas, drink hot chocolate and see Santa Claus. If you’re a Utah local, they do still have some tickets available for the train rides after Christmas. You can click here to check those out.

Tristi: My obsession this week is getting my nose pierced! I’m going back and forth over the ideas. My kids absolutely HATE it – well at least my older boys do. My little ones think it would be so cool.

Emily: I’ve been working on decorating my office and getting things hung up on the walls. I’ve been shopping for frames and getting all the prints ready. I won’t even tell you how long I’ve been in this office with nothing on the walls. So it needs to happen and it’s exciting  to get it done.

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