Episode 8: Only Crazy People Go To Therapy


On the Show

In this episode of the Sweatpants Chronicles we’re talking about therapy! Cassidy is a professional therapist and Tristi has been going to therapy for about a year. We have both seen the stigma that surrounds therapy and know that the idea exists that only crazy people go to therapy. Well, we are here to tell you that is just not true! Who do we think needs to go to therapy? EVERYONE! And we’re not just saying that because Cassidy is a therapist. 😉 Therapy can be an incredible tool to help everyone live a happier and more productive life. We talk about why we think everyone needs to go to therapy, what you can expect when you go to therapy, and how to find the right therapist. Finding a therapist can actually be the most overwhelming part about starting therapy! Cassidy wrote a really helpful article about how to choose the right therapist, that you can check out by clicking here. You can also click here to use the Physchology Today database to find a therapist in your area.

Weekly Obsessions

Cassidy: This week I am obsessed with everything involved with my small business! I’m rebranding my counseling practice – complete with a new name, website, and mission statement. I really love my mission statement so I thought I would share it with you, “We help women thrive. We guide them to find their own strength, to reconnect, and to heal.” You can check out my current website by clicking here.

Tristi: I am obsessed with the a new REI ad that spotlights an incredible woman named Mirna Valerio-  aka the Mirnavator. She is an ultra-runner that doesn’t have the body type of your typical long distance runner. She’s been called some really terrible things by people that don’t think she belongs in her sport. But she continues to do what she loves and call herself a runner – because that’s what she is! She is inspiring me to own the fact that I am a Crossfitter. I don’t just do Crossfit – I AM a Crossfitter. You can watch Mirna’s ad by clicking here.

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