Episode 16: Navigating the Confusing World of Adult Female Friendships

Adult Friendships

In this episode of the Sweatpants Chronicles we’re talking about friendships – how they work in your world, what they mean to you, and how they help you grow as a person! We both feel like navigating adult female friendships can be really difficult sometimes. But we’ve also found ways to make it a lot less confusing! So in this episode we share what has and hasn’t worked for us in our own friendships. We also talk about how to define what you value in your friendships and why it matters. 

Weekly Obsessions

Cassidy: This week I am thinking a lot about how to be a good boss! I’ve brought two people into my therapy practice over the last month and am slowly learning to navigate this new normal. I’m learning that I have needs and they have needs and it can be difficult to make sure everyone’s needs are met while still setting appropriate boundaries.

Tristi: This week I am obsessed with a show on Hulu called Chance! It’s so good but it’s also pretty dark. I’ve binged my way through the first season and a half and now I patiently (or not so patiently) wait for the new episode to come out every Wednesday.

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