Episode 29: How to Overcome “Worst-Case Scenario” Thinking

Worst Case Scenerio

In this episode of the Sweatpants Chronicles we’re talking about managing anxiety concerning the future and overcoming what were going to call “worst-case scenario” thinking. Planning for the future and being prepared is obviously not a bad thing! It’s when your mind becomes consumed with WORRY about the future, that this kind of thinking becomes overwhelming and even damaging. For a lot of people, worrying about worst-case scenarios has become a habit, so it takes some concerted and conscious effort to change those thoughts. So we share some concrete steps you can take to stop worrying and start living your life in the present!

Weekly Obsessions

Tristi: My obsession this week is my new Yeti cup! It is a game changer. Your drink stays so cold. My ice was still cold at four in the afternoon yesterday. I’m really hoping it helps me drink more water!

Cassidy: I found my balance again this week and it feels amazing! I’m back in my space and feeling content and ok with with where I’m at now.

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