Episode 9: Grown-Up Mean Girls


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In this episode of the Sweatpants Chronicles we’re talking about adult bullying! Contrary to what most of us probably believe, bullying doesn’t stop in high school. It happens all the time among grown women in the work place, in gyms, in homes, etc. And in the “real world” bullying can be even more dangerous because there isn’t a teacher there to stop the abuse. Most of the time we don’t even realize it’s happening – especially when we’re the ones doing the bullying. And just about all of us have been the bully at some point in our lives. In this episode we talk about how to recognize bullying for what it is and how to put a stop to it. We also talk about concrete steps we can take to support the women in our lives by lifting each other up, rather than putting each other down.

We also wanted to give a quick shout out to our favorite Heber food truck, Lola’s Street Kitchen! We got a couple of their Pumpkin Whoopies before we recorded this week and they were SO GOOD. If you’re local be sure to give them a try!

Weekly Obsessions

Cassidy: This week I am obsessed with all of the amazing women that I’m surrounded by! I had the chance to go camping with a bunch of my girlfriends in the dessert last weekend and it was so much fun. I was reminded of just how much I love my people and how incredible they all are in their own unique ways.

Tristi: I feel like I need some help with my obsession this week! I just cannot put my phone down. Eek! Facebook, Instagram, email…if it’s on my phone I can’t get enough of it. If anyone has any tips or ideas to stay off their phone, let me know!

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